Wedding Photography

Everything You Need To Know

How Things Work?

I offer a range of Wedding Packages as detailed in the 'Prices' section below. Ranging from part day to full days coverage with an option for a bespoke package, put together to suit your wedding day.

The most popular package by far is 'Full Days Coverage'.  So, to give you a better idea of how your day will be captured, here is a brief description of how things work!

Pre-Wedding Consultation

This usually happens around 3 or 4 weeks before the big day.  It's the perfect time for us to discuss the finer details.  We can talk about timings, things you love or hate, group shots, and anything else.  Depending on the wedding venue, it is sometimes usefull to have the pre-wedding meet at the venue itself, to allow us to take a stroll and chat at the same time.

The Big Day is here, where to start?

Coverage will begin around 2 hours before you leave for the ceremony. During this time I will photograph all the details including, shoes, dress, flowers and anything else that you'll want to remember.  I'll be watching for those special moments in the morning with your bridesmaids, make-up and hair shots aswell as a few posed shots of bride and bridesmaids. I prefer to also capture bride getting in her dress before I leave for the ceremony, but this will depend on your timings for the day and what you feel comfortable with. Groom prep is also an option depending where groom is getting ready.  This is something we can also discuss.

Before You Say 'I Do'

I have arrived around 45 minutes before the ceremony will start.  This is a busy time where I will be capturing the venue, the details, guests arriving, groom with groomsmen and any other happening or detail shots.  I also make sure I introduce myself to the vicar or registrar at this point and discuss any photography restrictions they may have.  Guests are seated and I will be outside waiting for the bride to arrive.  Usually there is a short amount of time for some pictures and then i'm off in the perfect position to see bride walking down the aisle.

The Ceremony

Completely non-intrusive, I will be tucked away capturing those little looks and reactions between the happy couple.  I keep movement to a minimum and avoid the use of flash as much as possible.

The Group Shots

We can discuss family and friend shots during the pre-wedding meet, I usually suggest no more that 20 shots during this time.  I'm happy to do what I usually do or have a list if youd prefer to give me one.

Couple shots

I will make sure we have some time to go off with bride and Groom.  Beforehand I would have worked out some great hot spots for pictures and the best areas for ligthing etc. I usually suggest to go off twice ( if we have a spring/summer wedding).  This is because after dinner the light can be magical.  During this time it will be kept completely relaxed.  I like to think you will enjoy this time and not dred being infront of the camera.  I keep posed shots to a minimum, but will always give you direction and suggestions to ensure you both look comfortable in the pictures.  Always open for any quirky, fun, creative shots that you have seen and love too.

The Room and Reportage

In between the group and couple shots I will make time to capture the room where you will be seated to eat and all the details in there, before everybody sits down.  Aswell as the candid moments when you and your guests may not even know i'm watching.

The Speeches

This is one of my favourite parts of the day.  People really seem to forget I am here at this point, all eyes are on the main table, and the room is full of tears and laughter.  I spend this time watching for reactions and capturing those priceless moments.

The Bit In-between

Before the first dance guests will be going to the bar, evening guests will be arriving and venue staff will be clearing space for the party.  This is a good time to go off again for around 10 minutes ( if you're happy to) and get some more couple shots, aswel as any further group shots, quirky shots etc.  

The First Dance

Before your first dance is usally your cake cutting, then first dance and the next few dances I will be there snapping away. 

When do we see our Pictures?

I will get to work on lovingly editing each image in my dedicated editing suite.  You'll have the option of a 'sneak peek', usually around 2-3 weeks after the wedding day.  Your fully edited, degital images will be presented to you around 4-6 weeks after your wedding day.

The Wedding Album

Albums are optional and can be added on at any time.  If you have chosen to have an album, it will take around 4-6 weeks after you have ok'd the design to have this produced for you.  




I have shot 200+ weddings over the years and each one can mean I learn something new.  I bring all of this experience to your wedding day.  I understand how a wedding day will flow, where I should be and how to keep you calm.



I work with a Nikon D800 and Nikon D610, and the best professional Nikon Lenses.



I will always meet up around 3 or 4 weeks before your wedding date to go over final details of the day. Sometimes couples prefer to meet me prior to booking which is completely fine too.



Being responsible for your wedding photographs is not something I take lightly.  I have lots of things in place to ensure your pictures are safe.  All of the RAW files from weddings are backed up, Each image I shoot on the day is copied to two cards instantly, so everything is duplicated as it happens.  I also make sure I have lots of batteries, 2 cameras ( incase one fails in a very rare circumstance).



Yes Yes Yes!!! You have the use of your pictures to print and share as you wish.  The only thing I ask is that you do not allow business' to use them for advertising purposes, as they should do this directly through me for copyright purposes.



Package 1 – £895

‘We aren’t fussed about the speeches or the first dance’

Coverage will start from bridal prep through to just before you sit down to eat ( this does not include the speeches or the first dance)

Pre wedding consultation

High resolution digital images , all retouched and free for you to print and share ( 300+ images)

Private web gallery to share your images with friends and family

Package 2 – £1,095

‘No need for the prep shots’

Coverage will start from guest arrival before Ceremony through to the first dance

Pre wedding consultation

High resolution digital images , all retouched and free for you to print and share ( 400+ images)

Private web gallery to share your images with friends and family


Package 3 – £1,250

‘We want the full day’

Coverage will start from bridal preparation through to the first dance

Pre wedding consultation

High resolution digital images , all retouched and free for you to print and share ( 400+ images)

Private web gallery to share your images with friends and family

Optional Extras

2nd Photographer – £250

20cm x 30cm storybook album (incl. 100 images of your choice) – £225

20cm x 30cm storybook album with luxury cover (incl. 110 images of your choice) – £325

25cm x 35cm storybook album with luxury cover (incl. 130 images of your choice) – £425

Parent albums ( replica of main album – box of 2x 15cm x 20cm) – £150

Pocket books ( replica of main album – box of 8x 10cm x 15cm) – £150