Good to Meet You

I'm Selina, a Pro Photographer and a busy Mummy to two gorgeous boys.  I love animals, music, food and getting to know people, and I absolutely L O V E my job. When I have my camera in hand, that's my calm place.  It's as though everything else empties from my brain and I am completly focussed on the here and now and waiting for the little magical moment to happen. Photography isn't just a job to me, it's a part of me.

‘Every artist begins with a blank canvas, a piece of paper.  The Photographer begins with the finished product’ Edward Steichen




As soon as I graduated from University ( Studying Art) I was offered a job as an Assistant Photographer, since then I have never looked back! I photographed my first wedding on my own in 2009, it was scary having that responsibility all on my shoulders, but I really enjoyed it and I just wanted to do more.  Since then I have shot over 200 weddings, each one is different and each one tells it’s own story, each time I learn something new, and all of this experience is priceless!  Alongside this I have captured the moments of hundreds ( perhaps even thousands)  of babies, toddlers, and families.  Having my own two children has definitely helped me understand little one’s behaviours, the unpredictability of what a baby or child may do next and little ways of distracting them and making them laugh!

My style of photography is definitely candid, natural, relaxed and lifestyle.  Back in my uni days I used to do a lot of Street Photography.  I was kind of like a stalker, watching people and waiting, it takes a special kind of technique to be ready for these moments at the right angle, using the best light, and after many years I am slowly mastering it!