Mothers Day

As Mums we are forever snapping away at the little moments, the first steps, the first smile, the sleeping shots, when baby has his first meal and makes a mess all over his face.  His/her little hands, feet, family trips, family holidays, those little reactions…. when s/he falls asleep on daddies chest, when we’ve been up all night and in the morning our little bundle of joy is taking up the entire bed, the laughs, the tears, the little soft outfits, their favourite teddy.  The list is endless, and it’s usually us mums that are racing along, with time trying to mark all of these little memories with pictures, because before we know it, theres a new stage, a new phase, a new bit of our little man or little lady that is starting to shine through.

We may have a messy bun on the top of our head, tired eyes and not feel the most attractive at certain points, but us mums need to have the memories captured too. So Dads, please take more pictures!

My favourite kind of photography is watching and waiting for real life moments to happen, when your little girl tugs on your hair or leans in for a kiss. When your little boy wants you to chase him and play dinosaurs. The real moments are the best by far and mark a true moment, instantly giving the picture a Soul and a story.

This Mothers Day lets make sure mum is in the picture!



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